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Ufo Morpho Fit Pair blanc


Ufo Plast Morpho Fit, a product Made entirely in Italy representing a new and innovative conceptual response in the range

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Ufo Plast Morpho Fit, a product Made entirely in Italy representing a new and innovative conceptual response in the range of jointed braces for knee protection in sport. SEE FULL VIDEO >>> SEE section of the video AS YOU WEAR IT >>> The result of careful, constructive cooperation between Alberto Barozzi Concept, Tek Neg (engineering) and the ufo PLAST technical staff, which made it possible to develop a product that embraces a number of technical and functional factors, including: 1) Ergonomic structure with high-performance structure characteristics made from a special plastic polymer. 2) Total containment of the knee joint thanks to the Morpho Fit system: a - medial and lateral collateral ligament support b - anterior and posterior cruciate ligament support c - patella protection; 3) Proper size adjustment thanks to the special, intuitive adjustments available; 4) Adjustable condyle pads, made of a spherical support of various thickness for perfect containment of the joint, also as regards rotation. CPSO (Condyle Pad Spheric Orientation); 5) Tibial support in two versions can be adjusted, with reference to the subjective morphologic structure of the tibia, for correct adaptation and comfort. TOP (Tibia Orientation Position); 6) Adjustable containment system for the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). ACLSS (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Support System); 7) Medial and lateral collateral ligament containment; 8) Sealed stainless steel structural four-sided joint, for a correct relationship between translation and rotation of the joint and the best integration in the knee flexion-extension movement; 9) Structural patella cup for effective impact dissipation, thereby limiting the direct impact on the patella; 10) Telescopic upper structure to protect the rectus femoris - vastus medialis and sartorius muscle. 11) Adjustable 4-point leg-fastening system for correct positioning. 12) Stoppers to limit hyperextension with variations: 0° - 15° -25°- 35°. HLS (Hyperextension Limit System) 13) Adjustable fittings for the best adaptation of the straps to the leg. 14) Heat-welded, hypoallergenic, antibacterial straps with reduced thickness for better containment and comfort; 15) Thermoformed BAL (bioclimatic action low) with structure made from hypoallergenic, antibacterial polyurethane foam with bubble wrap texture to ensure the best adherence to the leg and a reduced bioclimatic ratio and high shock absorption power. Easily removable for easy cleaning; 16) Interference support with the top of the boot to support the brace, MFBS (Morpho Fit Boots System); 17) Assistance system managed independently thanks to a conceptual engineering system expressed in the creation of the product: ADHM, (assembly/disassembly home made); 18) All materials are water resistant and anti-corrosive; 19) Lightweight (740 g). You can purchase the ergonomic long sock (cod. CA04044), to enable better application of the brace.

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