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Superbike offers you windscreens and screens for motorcycles and scooters to protect you from wind pressure, insects and anything that may come in front of you preventing you from continuing or perhaps causing ruinous falls. On our shop you can find windshields and small screens for motorcycles and scooters that can make driving comfortable and created with shapes to materials that add a touch of style to your bike and your look. The domes and windscreens are easy to assemble and are available in a wide range of models and colors, to match according to your needs and preferences. With this kind of motorcycle accessories you can customize your bike and make it original and unique, completely different from the others. Both accessories improve visibility even in the rain.

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Motorcycle windshield

When you go motorcycling, you’ll certainly enjoy feeling the wind on your face and your body. However, sometimes even a good and pleasant thing can become annoying: this also applies to traveling by motorcycle with the wind in your face, so motorcycle windshields can be a good idea as they limit wind effects and protect you from unpleasant elements such as rocks and insects. Using a motorcycle windshield can reduce fatigue and avoid being hit by rocks and insects. There are different windscreens available, so always ask yourself what kind of protection are you looking for. If you have to ride your motorcycle for many kilometers, you probably want complete protection, so you need a high and wide windshield. While if you are travelling short distances, you will need a smaller windshield to keep your motorcycle’s aesthetic cleaner. Here at Super-bike we have a wide range of windscreens available for every need.


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