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The choice of shoes and motorcycle boots is a determining factor in ensuring comfort, safety and maximum protection in all weather conditions. Superbike offers a rich selection of shoes and motorcycle boots to meet all the needs of the most prestigious brands on the market and made with excellent materials and designs. On our shop you find shoes and boots in leather, suede, equipped with different types of openings, but above all comfortable and able to withstand bad weather keeping your feet dry and ventilated even in case of rain and snow, cross boots shoes and many others. The catalog also includes summer models, made with lighter materials but always equipped with every comfort and state-of-the-art ventilation systems. In addition, you can choose from many models and colors those best suited to your biker look, to always dress original without giving up the trends of the moment.

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Alpinestars Stated black shoes Alpinestars Stated black shoes Alpinestars Stated black shoes
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CHF153.00 (VAT incl.) CHF170.00
Size : 11
The Stated is the modern interpretation of Alpinestars of a retro street sneaker, which combines the style of the minimalist skate pump with a suola vulcanizzata to create a motorcycle shoe that protects me extremely...

How to choose motorcycle shoes

When choosing motorcycle shoes for the first time, first ask yourself what is the main purpose of this pair of shoes. Are you going to wear them just to ride a motorbike or do you want them to be multi-functional? It’s important that the shoes are comfortable so that you are able to wear them all day long without any discomfort. That’s why many motorcycle footwear manufacturers are taking into account all the latest fashion trends. People don't want to carry with them a second pair of shoes when riding a motorcycle, so the number of companies that take motorcycle footwear fashion very seriously is increasing steadily. Whatever the footwear brand is, these shoes should adapt perfectly to your foot. In this respect, if the shoes are too tight they can make your feet numb, especially during winter season. It's always a good idea to try any brand of motorcycle shoes and I suggest you try them when your feet are at their maximum stress, such as at the end of the day. During the day, gravity causes the body fluid to travel to our lower extremities, causing our feet to widen slightly. Never buy motorcycle shoes first thing in the morning, because if you try them in the morning they will almost certainly not adapt to your foot correctly in the evening, especially if during the day you carry out activities that are stressful for the feet, such as stay on your feet for a long time. It's a good idea to walk around with motorcycle shoes, bend over, crouch and climb and above all see how the shoes feel when you're on your motorbike. Whenever you wear them, make sure that they fit perfectly in the back of your calves and also make sure that the shoes are made of quality materials and don't restrict your movements too much. Pay attention to how the soles are attached. The soles sewn onto the leather are much more resistant than the glued ones, which basically are only supported by the glue. If you were to drag your foot along the ground, the tied soles will rip away very quickly. The main feature of a motorcycle sole is its grip. While driving, your motorcycle boot sole should give you a good grip of mud, water, sand and oil. A good motorcycle shoe sole will be oil resistant and will provide good traction due to its surface contact. The roads can become full of oil, which with some rain can become really smooth making the tarmac very slippery. Don’t you ever buy motorcycle shoes without oil-resistant soles as they can be very dangerous in certain conditions. Choose shoes without laces, Velcro straps or buckles so that your laces won’t get tangled in the motorcycle and won’t cause a serious accident.


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