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The tires are essential to keep a bike always efficient. From Superbike you can find tires for motorcycles and scooters of the best international brands and excellent quality, to easily replace the tires to your bike when they are worn. In our catalog you will find motorcycle tires in classic, racing and all your needs. The motorcycle tires you find in our shop guarantee maximum reliability and high performance, and thanks to them you can travel in total safety in every situation. With our selection of motorcycles and scooters you will be able to drive your motorbike safely on any path, even the most bumpy, and you will make every experience more interesting and enjoyable to live thanks to the transmission kit to make driving even safer. Our tires are in fact able to easily cover any terrain.

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Motorcycle tires

There are some exciting things about buying motorcycle tires that make you want to get out and push the limits of that fresh tire. Before you start driving your motorcycle, you must give the tires a good run-in. The world of tires has undergone significant changes and improvements in terms of technology and quality, for example in past years it was extremely common for tire manufacturers to use chemical release agents to help get the tires out of the molds and this inevitably resulted in slippery surfaces on the tire causing premature falls. Most manufacturers now use only a tire release agent to ensure that all production numbers, text and company logos are kept intact. When you buy a new set of tires, one of the most important things you can do is take them to a safe operating temperature, as well as run the tires with the right inflation. Leading companies in the production of motorcycle tires, recommend to heat tires up to 165 degrees for at least 10 minutes before pushing their performance. This way tires reach a proper temperature and they’re warm up enough to release oils and chemicals that can make them slippery. For racers on the track this is quite easy to do, but in reality this is much more difficult for those who drive on the street. Most of those who ride a motorbike are indeed casual drivers, and it’s unlikely that you will be carrying a suitable tool to check the temperature of your tires. But you can follow this rule: if you drive for 20 minutes, your motorcycle tires reach the correct operating temperatures. It’s equally important to make sure that the tire pressures are correctly set according to the manufacturer's specifications. Some people may wonder why all the runners move and swing on their motorbikes when they put a new set of tires on. Surely many people think that this must help to warm up the tires or at least to rub the surface to improve traction, in reality this concept is wrong. Back and forth movements minimize the tires temperature, but increase the risk of falling depending on how cold tires are handled. Moreover, in order to warm up the tires, pilots should run for about two laps on the track to reach the maximum temperature. For a non-professional motorcyclist it’s advisable to use strong accelerations and braking forces in a vertical position to generate heat in the tire casing. When this heat has been transferred, it allows you to increase the overall grip until you reach the correct operating temperatures during the break-in phase. Even after you've stopped, you should repeat this procedure when you get back on the road, so you can drive with maximum grip every time. Ultimately, after buying a new set of tires, take the time to travel around your town and make sure your tires warm up properly. By following the steps previously described, you will get the best performance from your tires and you will potentially avoid an accident. If you still didn’t find that perfect set of tires that fits on your motorbike, be sure to check out our huge choice of tires on Super-bike.


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