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From Superbike you will find a wide range of accessories for motorcycles, including the practical and versatile side bags, ideal for transporting your luggage in motion. The choice of solutions to make your journey on two wheels comfortable is wide and on our shop you will find a section dedicated to the side bags to meet every need. Comfortable and irreplaceable, our shock-resistant, scratch-resistant side bags, easy to attach securely to the bike and perfectly complement each style. The high quality and the guarantee of our products ensure maximum performance in every situation and become inseparable companions to be driven behind in every journey. Available in different materials and colors, they are waterproof and protect everything you put inside. Moreover, they adapt easily everywhere with elegance.

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Motorcycle saddlebags

The most traditional and most widespread form of suitcases for motorcycles is the so common saddlebag. As a matter of fact, many motorcycles have them as equipment so some types of motorcycles are also referred to as baggers because of the unique look that the integrated side bags succeed to create. There’s a reason why they are so popular on motorcycles: they have a large load capacity, but they take it down to avoid upsetting the center of gravity of the motorbike. Saddlebags are generally divided into two families, named after their type of construction: soft bags, which have a semi-rigid structure and are made of leather, fabric, synthetic leather or a mix of these flexible materials, and hard bags, which are made of molded plastic, fiberglass or aluminum, and sometimes they can even be already integrated into the motorbike. If you are not looking for a serious luggage solution for everyday use or long distance travel, and you just want something to increase your cargo capacity for travel outside the city or for occasional shopping, you might want to consider a set of removable saddlebags. These types of bags are usually of great value and can be easily installed: they are provided with a cross strap, that goes right under the seat pan or even above the top of the seat, and four-point fixing straps to keep everything safe. Since these bags are not model-specific, they will need some adjustment when they are installed. With regards to the distance between the bottom of the bags and the drain, most bags are equipped with heat-resistant material on the bottom and inside, but in any case there should be at least two centimeters between your luggage and the mufflers not only when they are empty, but also when the bag is loaded.


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