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Very useful to deal with even the most difficult conditions, motorcycle goggles are essential to protect the eyes from external agents. On our catalog you will find a wide range of motorcycle goggles, equipped with many features to ensure a pleasant and safe ride. In fact, Super-Bike proposes you glasses for motorcycles of the best brands and a vast quantity of models for all needs, to give greater comfort and guarantee an excellent field of vision. View our shop to find the most suitable models for you, made with cutting-edge technologies and materials to satisfy even the most demanding and match the fantastic motorcycle helmets. The complete range of glasses makes this accessory unique and combines protection and design in a single object with great customer satisfaction. Curated in detail and performance, give a touch of class to the whole.

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How are motorcycle goggles supposed be?

When you spend a lot of time on the back of your motorbike, glasses are a necessary piece of equipment if you want to fully enjoy your ride. That's why you need to get the right comfort, durability, safety and optical clarity. We know that finding the best motorcycle goggles can be confusing. You shouldn’t sacrifice a clear vision for a sport you love. Wearing contact lenses or everyday glasses on the bike can get dust or wind into the eyes,  and if you choose the wrong equipment you are not performing to the best of your ability. If you are a motorcyclist you should definitely have sunglasses or motorcycle goggles that suit your needs. Here are the most important criteria to keep an eye on: first, you will need to decide if you want regular glasses or wide goggles, and the best way to make a choice is considering the type of helmet you have. A full face helmetusually requires normal glasses, since the safety glasses can be too bulky to fit properly under a visor. If you have an open face helmet, the safety glasses have a much greater coverage to protect the eyes from the wind and they can remain firmly in place. You will also need to think about the coverage that each type of glasses provides. Since open helmets don’t offer the same coverage, your glasses will have to be able to make up the difference. So, you will have protection from the wind, dust or any other debris that could get into your eyes. Sunglasses and motorcycle goggles are more than an interesting or fashionable accessory: they must be resistant in case a bad fall occurs or debris rise and hit the lenses. Look for a sturdy construction and a frame made of nylon or injection-molded plastic, so that your motorcycle goggles can live longer than standard sunglasses. Safety classifications are also a guarantee of lasting construction. The straight and thin rods fit better under a helmet, so when you choose a pair of sunglasses you should try them under the helmet to see how comfortable the fit is. When the glasses are equipped with facial foam, it’s necessary to look at different factors as well as whether the foam is open-cell or closed-cell. Removable facial foam is a great feature to have if you are looking for sunglasses that you can wear both on a motorcycle and on other occasions. It’s also important that the foam can be easily replaceable, since after a while it will become rather sweaty and dirty even if the glasses could still be in a good shape. On top of that, open-cell foam is not durable but it’s easier to replace, while closed-cell foam can hold much longer but it can be difficult to replace.


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