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The whole motorcycle suits are a safe product that offers high performance and meet all the needs of comfort and fit. Superbike offers you a wide selection of whole motorcycle suits for men and women, from the best brands and produced with high quality materials. Ideal for those who want a unique product, they are widely used both on the track and on the road and are available in many different models and colors, to be chosen according to preference. Equipped with a front zip that guarantees maximum adherence to the body and reinforced at different points to cushion abrasions from falls, the whole motorcycle suits guarantee maximum freedom of movement in all conditions. Visit our shop and choose the whole motorcycle jumpsuit of your favorite design and color to customize your look.

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Spyke Losail Race leather suit black Spyke Losail Race leather suit black Spyke Losail Race leather suit black
Limited special offer
CHF480.00 (VAT incl.) CHF800.00
Size : 48 50 58
Leather suit equipped with numerous protectors to offer the best level of safety available. Rear hump for best aerodynamics. Numerous accordion and elastic inserts as well as perforated panels to ensure high comfort.

An advantage of wearing a two-piece motorcycle suit is the fact that you can wear it according to the weather conditions. If it's hot outside, you can leave at home the heavier piece and wear a light jacket or a fabric jacket that is more breathable. If it's cold outside, you can wear a durable leather jacket, which is as protective as the suit material. Perhaps, the greatest advantage of opting for a two-piece suit compared to a one-piece suit is its versatility. If you were to wear one piece while running errands, you should either take off the entire suit and put it somewhere when you go to the shop, wear it halfway or wear it completely. The last two options are not really convenient. When you wear a two-piece suit, instead, you can quickly take off your jacket and run your errands without thinking twice about how you can move freely with that suit when you’re not on your motorcycle. Another advantage of the two-piece suit is that you can combine different pieces. If you have a big collection of motorcycle clothing, you can select motorcycle clothes just like you would with everyday clothes. For example, if you have a pair of motorcycle jeans or fabric pants with zippers on the waist, you can wear them with jackets that also have zippers. Many riders who drive long distances prefer to wear one-piece motorcycle suits for different reasons. Many of these motorcycle suits are made of extremely strong and durable textile materials, but they offer simpler movement and better comfort than a leather suit. Because they are not built for performance or aerodynamics, motorcycle suits and have a wider fit than a one-piece or a two-piece motorcycle suit. You can easily wear a motorcycle suit on your normal clothes, so you can keep them clean while driving. Then, when you reach your destination, you can simply remove the suit without any problem. Commuters and long-distance riders love to wear motorcycle suits also because they keep the entire body warm and safe from the wind during cold weather conditions. Whether you prefer a single piece, a two piece suit or even a hybrid, you can find everything on Super-bike.


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