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On Superbike you will find a wide selection of boots and women's motorcycle shoes able to guarantee maximum safety and protection on the roads. Shoes and boots are a fundamental accessory in motorcycle clothing, and thanks to the different trendy and fashionable models that you find on our shop you can choose which ones to adapt to your look. In fact, you have several models of shoes and boots for women of the best brands and you can choose according to your needs which adapt to the look to show off. The selection is vast and ranges from classic footwear to the most fashionable trends, with an availability of colors that will allow you to customize each outfit. From cross-enduro boots to racing boots or touring boots, in the catalog you will find everything you need to capture your attention and not go unnoticed.

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Bering Storia lady boots black Bering Storia lady boots black
CHF169.00 (VAT incl.)
Size : 37 38 39 40 41
High quality and water repellent shoes, made from cow leather, with lateral zip, reinforced toe and heel reinforcement. CE approved EN 13634: 2017.

How to choose motorcycle boots?

Look for some of the lighter style motorcycle boots, if they have nylon panels in the upper, they may be fine for a summer ride but they’re useless for a winter ride. Selecting a shoe that covers at least your ankles will give you some advantages over choosing one that doesn't. Not only will your ankle be protected, but your ankle joint will get stronger with added support and you will be able to better control your motorcycle. It can be useful if the upper rod has a shell protection, like a leather lining. Shoes with such protection are the safest. A leather-lined shoe will last longer and it can be more comfortable during the day. A leather lining is breathable and if properly fitted it will allow ventilation so that the boots don’t become uncomfortably hot. Motorcyclists must be able to operate all motorcycle controls. Safe operation requires the ability to bend the knees and move them quickly. Bikers who prefer higher shoes should consider a shoe height that reaches below the back of the knee. However, if the shoe is too high for specific needs, then the ability to move the knee quickly is significantly reduced. Also, boots that arrive above the knee can cause sores. This is also why flip-flops are not practical for motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s also a good idea to consider the calf width. Boots should be wide enough to hold the leg, but also wide enough to fit inside the rod if you choose to do so. One thing you should never forget is if the shoes are breathable. Your shoes should allow your feet to breathe. This can be achieved with special external surfaces and interior finishes. Contrary to what one might think, leather-lined shoes are not warmer than unlined shoes. Leather is used for motorcycle boots because it can get air through. Boots made with Gortex or Cambrelle liners are designed to keep feet warm and dry in cold and wet weather, but they are not necessarily a good thing to have on your feet when riding in hot weather. For this reason many riders who run in all types of seasons will have several pairs of motorcycle boots. It's not fun to get caught in the rain, but it can happen, so it's highly recommended to have water-resistant motorcycle boots. Leather boots can be quite water resistant if properly treated with a good conditioner and water repellent. How are motorcycle boots made of? There are basically 3 different classes of motorcycle footwear: motorcycle boots, racing boots and motocross boots. All motorcycle footwear must always have a rubber sole instead of leather or other less flexible materials. To improve the safety of the motorcycle, footwear is generally made of a thick heavy leather and will include padding for energy and load absorption, metals, plastic and composite materials to protect the rider's feet, ankles and legs in case of accident. Velcro is typically used on the inner sides of the opening to allow the rider to close the boot over the foot, ankle and leg. This allows the rider to check the tightness of the boot. Some manufacturers also include a quick internal lacing system between a the leg and the outer shell. Motorcycle boots heels are usually lower than normal boots to better control the bike, no more than half an inch. Having a slightly stepped heel will help you keep your foot in place while using the footrests. A curved plate in plastic or composite material can be included to cover the boot shank to protect the rider's shins. You can also choose the so called shortie, short boots that are ankle-high. They can be 6 to 10 inches tall. Some people call them tactical boots because some policemen wear them. These boots are perfect for everyday motorcycling, like when using the motorcycle to get to work. Running boots are designed to ride a motorcycle on hard ground, both on the road and on the track.


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