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Considered the most protective because they protect the head, the full face helmets that you find from Super-Bike are the best brands and made with high quality materials. Designed specifically for those who compete, the full-face helmets are totally closed and the outer shell is made in one piece. Ideal for road and sports use, it is generally the safest helmet, equipped with a monobloc shell that offers greater solidity and even greater safety. Stuffed and excellent fit, they are available from Super-Bike in different models and colors, are resistant to scratches, have removable and washable lining, antibacterial and quick drying. The field of view of most of the full face helmets is quite wide and depending on the model and the band you can also choose useful accessories to improve performance like the fantastic motorcycle glasses. Discover our range of full-face helmets from the best brands, including Icon, a manufacturer of approved and certified helmets, a guarantee of safety and quality. The icon airflite silver helmet is the most requested!

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Full face helmet or sportbike

The full face helmet, also called the "sportbike" helmet, is the one that certainly offers the best coverage, protection and structural integrity. Fortunately, the idea of full face helmets for a multitude of driving styles is something that is gaining ground in the industry, and for good reasons. In general, the closed design of full face motorcycle helmets offers some noticeable improvements over their counterparts. As already mentioned before, the integral design allows these helmets to be more protective. Compared to bowl helmets, jet helmets or even modular helmets, the full face helmet is on top of the podium in this regard. With a complete one-piece cover, the outer shell of the helmet is more inclined than a modular one in order to maintain its structural integrity in case of accident. Full face helmets have also other advantages.

Buy icon airflite full face helmets With 10 different color options

These helmets icon airflite tend to be quieter because their design allows for less areas of wind turbulence and their focus on aerodynamics provides a more uniform path to the air around them. Many of these helmets will also provide a wider range of upgrades and interchangeable parts. These are just some of the best features of full face helmets: replacement interiors, alternating face screens, internal drop-down sun visors and improved compatibility of the Bluetooth communicator. However, there are some complaints about full face helmets which concern the fact that they are too tight and so people feel constricted, especially with the equipment on their cheeks. When dimensioning a full face helmet, it’s essential to keep in mind that the pillows will break up to 20% after prolonged use. Other reasons why people don't feel able to wear full face helmets icon airflite can include poor adaptation to their head shape, perception of lack of visibility, or even just the fact that individual pilots prefer to feel the wind in their face. While the first two reasons can easily be solved by finding a helmet that has a more ergonomic interior, the latter argument is strictly preferential and totally legitimate. Sometimes it's nice to feel the wind in your face, but if you're planning to take your motorbike on a track, you’ll need to wear for sure a full face helmet.


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