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Gloves are the most important protection protection for a motorcyclist and on Superbike you will find a wide selection of models of gloves and heated under gloves suitable for all seasons and all needs. Sturdy, durable, well packaged and finished with special reinforcements to ensure maximum comfort when driving, the gloves on our catalog are made of high quality materials and are heated gloves. Available in leather, fabric, for men and women in different types and sizes, they are suitable to resist abrasions, cold, heat and offer maximum protection from the elements in any season. Take a look at our models and discover clothing, helmets, accessories and much more to walk safely on two wheels. Create the most original and exclusive combinations to be fashionable even following your passions.

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The main protection features of motorcycle gloves

Here are the most important protection features of motorcycle gloves:

● Impact protection such as palm sliders, impact pads, hardened knuckles

● Curved construction for a comfortable and natural grip

● Dexterity to allow the use of the brake and clutch levers and get better control of the bike

● Strong closures so that gloves don’t fly away in the event of an accident

● Long cuffs that overlap the jacket to seal it from the wind

● Ventilation, insulation and waterproofing for protection against atmospheric agents To put it simply, motorcycle gloves are designed to protect in case of accident and provide comfort while driving. Your hands are such an important part of your body that it’s absolutely worth to spend some money to make sure they are properly protected!

Types of gloves

Here is a brief list of different types of gloves you might be interested in:

Summer gloves: they are usually thin leather gloves (sometimes perforated) that end on the wrist. They are perfect only for driving in hot weather as they offer no element protection.

Winter gloves: cold hands can become stiff and you may not even be able to control your bicycle. Cold weather gloves usually have a thermal lining and climate control membrane and they are equipped with long cuffs to keep the wind away.

Waterproof gloves: they have a waterproof membrane to hold water. They can be ventilated and they are ideal for when it rains but it’s not cold.

Fingerless gloves: when you buy motorcycle gloves you have to decide if you want leather or fabric gloves. Most likely this will depend on your personal taste. But in general, gloves follow the same recommendation as jackets. A good pair of leather gloves is always the safest choice for pilots as it offers maximum abrasion resistance. Adventurous commuters, tourists or motorcyclists will be more likely to face more bad weather conditions, so fabric gloves that offer greater protection against rain and snow could be a good choice. Motorcycle gloves: how to choose them? Since you use your hands to control your motorbike, it’s very important that gloves will fit them perfectly. Badly fitting gloves can have a huge impact on how you drive your motorcycle. They must be tight enough to protect you in the event of a fall, but they should also allow greater movement to use the brake and clutch levers. Ideally, here's how a glove should be:

● Tight, but not so much otherwise it will stem your blood flow.

● There should be no additional material in the palm area.

● There should be a little extra space on the fingertips, but at the same time, the finger shouldn’t be too long or too wide.

● When you tighten and open your fist, the glove shouldn’t rub against your skin and it should be flexible enough to allow you to move.

● Gloves should be so comfortable that you should forget that you are wearing them.

If you are buying gloves online, pay special attention to size charts and reviews. Remember that leather will stretch over time, so when choosing leather gloves, make sure it’s very tight at the beginning. Once they adapt, they will have the right size. On the other hand, fabric won’t stretch, but it will become softer over time. So you should still take into account fabric gloves even if they look just a little stiff at the beginning. As a general rule: if you find yourself between one size and another, choose a smaller size if you want to buy leather gloves and a bigger size if you prefer fabric gloves. The type of glove you buy probably depends largely on the style of driving you prefer and the type of weather conditions you are going to step in. Super-bike gloves are divided into clear categories on our website. Generally, runners and professional athletes must always go around with leather gloves, while commuters, tourists and other bikers may be better suited to textile gloves, which offer a wide range of weather protection. Remember, your hands are one of the most precious parts of your body, and it's always better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to protecting your racing equipment, you're always in better hands with a pair of high-quality gloves!

The best driving gloves for you

There is a wide variety of motorcycle gloves on the market. The choice of the right pair of gloves for you will depend on your driving style. Let's see the differences between the various types of gloves and what features you should take into account according to your needs:

Sport racing: gloves designed for this type of driving are the most highly technically built, since it’s the most intense type of driving. Racing gloves generally have lots of padding (knuckle patches and extra padding in high impact areas) and ventilation for you to feel comfortable. Leather is always the best material in this case as it provides the greatest resistance to abrasion. They are considered as full protective gloves for maximum protection. Indeed, this is also a requirement for taking on the track!

Street/Touring: this driving style is the most diversified, so even gloves built for it are different. Touring motorcycle gloves offer an excellent balance between shock protection, weather protection and driving comfort (for your daily commutes or long journeys). They are not heavily padded like racing gloves, but they get the job done. It seems that touring gloves have a simple and elegant style without a strong design. Both leather and fabric offer good options. Leather is always a classic and reliable choice, but more and more manufacturers are adopting all the textile constructions on these types of gloves because of their versatility and impermeability.

Dual Sport and Off-Road: these gloves are designed for dexterity, time and impact protection. Regardless of how hot or cold it is or even if it’s pouring rain, today's off-road gloves are created so that they can adapt to the most extreme weather conditions and can protect your hands, offering a comfortable grip. These gloves have the least amount of padding since they are designed to be very flexible, so that you can control your motorbike better. The fabric is the most common choice for double sports gloves, as it offers greater flexibility and a wide range of weather protection. Most of these gloves have a short cuff, so that your wrist can move freely.


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