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Riding a motorcycle means above all traveling in safety and the boots are one of the essential elements to allow high comfort and protection. In addition to the Superbike racing boots you can find high quality touring boots with a great aesthetic effect. At the boots section of our shop you can see the most beautiful touring models of the best brands in the industry, made of leather, waterproof and able to ensure maximum comfort in all conditions. With the motorcycle touring boots, driving is a real pleasure and offers the driver safety, maximum fit and grip to the foot, as well as secure protection thanks to the waterproof inner membrane. The rubber sole ensures excellent grip in all environmental conditions and the design adds a glamorous and captivating touch to the biker look.

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Oj Turn boots black Oj Turn boots black
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Turn: the OJ turn in the boot section. We have combined comfort and safety to create a light, performing and safe product also thanks to the reinforcements on the toe, ankle, heel, malleolus and sole of the foot.

The best features of Super-bike motorcycle boots

First of all, in a motorcycle boot, the height is fundamental: it should go at least above the ankle and have a stable construction in its upper part in order to give you the right amount of support. A motorcycle boot can be stiffer and less comfortable than other footwear that can reach only the ankle, but it makes a difference for protection. A common injury can happen when the foot is trapped during the fall; this movement can cause ankle break, sprain or other types of injuries if it doesn’t have enough support. Moreover, since the ankle bone protrudes from the leg, it can easily be scraped into the ground during a fall, even in a simple side impact. This is why a full-height boot is the best choice, because it supports the ankle and protects the foot. The material is also fundamental, in fact, many ordinary shoes are made of canvas or soft leather which are not thick enough when hitting street tarmac. That’s why most motorcycle boots are made of much thicker leather, so that they are resistant to abrasion. However, recently some boots manufacturers are producing boots made of abrasion-resistant materials and more breathable textile. If you commute or have a competition when the weather is uncertain, you will need rain protection and many motorcycle boots are built with this feature. If you want leather boots, make sure they’re made of treated leather. Untreated leather has a tendency to absorb water since it’s not water-resistant, so if leather boots get wet they’ll ruin your day. The zipper can be very different, for example there may be laces or velcro; how you want your motorcycle boots zippers is a quite personal choice. The laces are very popular because the boot can be removed easily; on the other hand, they can be damaged while driving, and the hooks on the top of many boots with laces can get caught on a part of the motorcycle. Some boots, like the Icon Super Duty 5 motorcycle boots, have a buckle to fasten the laces, which is a good safety. Velcro and buckles are also very common among motorcycle boots. They allow the rider to achieve a much wider fit than laces and are usually found on racing boots to ensure that a boot remains still during a high-speed impact. When buying boots, if possible keep an eye on how they are built, in fact, the best boots will be put together with double or triple stitching to make sure they stay together even in a bad accident. Another important feature is how the sole is connected to the boot. A glued sole is not strong enough and durable; instead of simply being glued, sewn soles will protect your feet more and will last longer. Depending on what kind of driving you do, you will need a sole that gives you the right grip. A softer sole will have a better grip, but it will wear out much faster. A harder sole will last longer but it will give you less grip. However, make sure the soles are oil resistant. The accumulation of oil on the roads can be really dangerous for a motorcyclist if he doesn’t wear boots that have oil resistant soles, especially when it’s raining.

Choosing the correct size of motorcycle boots

When buying boots, be sure to check the manufacturer's sizing guide, as each manufacturer offers slightly different sizes. There’s a difference also in the production area, for example there will be a difference between European and US producers. Also don’t forget to take into account the socks that you will wear when riding a motorcycle. If you like to wear really thick socks, this will affect the way your boot fits. When trying on boots, do it with a pair of socks you like. When you wear boots, you’ll notice that sometimes it’s hard to get them off. It can be a pain, but if a boot is more difficult to get off, it’s less likely that it’ll fly during an accident leaving the foot exposed. Having extra padding is always an advantage when it comes to protection, especially with running boots.

Additional motorcycle boots features

Many racing or sports boots will be equipped with armor made of Kevlar, carbon or plastic placed in high impact and weak areas. With road boots, it’s common to find pairs with steel plates around the toe area to prevent the toes from being crushed. Finally, some boots, such as track boots, are fitted with a close-fitting boot that not only allows a runner to get the best possible fit, but it can also be pulled out to be cleaned. Another big advantage would be to buy a pair of racing boots that have removable and replaceable sections. This will allow you to replace overused sections quickly rather than buying a completely new pair of boots.


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