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Motorcycle compatibility


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From Super-Bike you will find a wide selection of motorcycle clothing with many useful items for motorcycling, both for amateurs and professionals. On our catalog you will find vests, jackets, gloves, motorcycle suits, pants, shoes, boots and everything you need to tackle this sport in the best conditions and with maximum safety. Made with technical fabrics, waterproof and weatherproof, all items provide protection, have excellent fit, are breathable and ensure maximum comfort. the fabrics are resistant to abrasions and tears and the shoes have a protection system that absorbs shocks. Practicing motorcycling with the motorcycle clothing that you find on our shop is a unique and above all exciting, safe to be protected from any danger and to be able to proceed in various routes in all weather conditions.

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Motorcycle clothing

Motorcycle clothing is very varied and includes numerous basic clothing and accessories to enjoy a motorcycle to the fullest. First of all when talking about motorcycle clothing it’s necessary to make a choice regarding the type of clothing to wear: the choice may fall in particular on leather or woven clothing. There is a big difference between driving in a circuit and taking a ride around the city and then sitting at a desk in casual workwear. This is why it’s important to analyze the pros and cons of the different choices, so that you can decide which motorcycle gear is best suited to your specific needs. When it comes to protection, we certainly know that the most used clothing is the leather biker suit. A tight-fitting piece of clothing should look like a second skin wrapped around the body. Since it barely moves during a fall, the possibility of tearing becomes relatively small. And although a leather suit is not designed specifically for impact with hard obstacles, it still offers the best protection. As for comfort, fabric is much more flexible than leather. Moreover, textile motorcycle clothing  is often more spacious than leather, giving you a little more space to breathe. This is something that you should take into account when it comes to choose a motorcycle suit. A leather suit, in fact, can start to look like a sauna in an hour, while most of the textile garments are waterproof, breathable and equipped with ventilation zips. You have to keep in mind that you have to sacrifice a little quality when choosing the cheapest price category. So before you start buying, try to understand what your needs are in terms of waterproofness, protection and durability. Another consideration is that a leather suit requires special treatment to keep the leather always shiny and clean, and to do this you will have to get your hands dirty. Fabric, on the other hand, goes straight into the washing machine and it’s therefore much easier to maintain than leather, although it’s essential to check the washing instructions in any case. In order to make the right choice about motorcycle clothing, you will need to understand where and how you will ride your motorcycle, and what kind of suit you want. Sports competitions in summer really require a leather motorcycle outfit with a nice protective helmet that is fundamental to choose safety first. For a weekend in the mountains or off-road, you should instead have a touring motorcycle suit where you can remove both the thermal lining and the waterproof lining. If you have a bigger budget, get yourself a good waterproof jacket for winter and a ventilated jacket for summer. So let's have a look at the essential items and accessories for a motorcyclist and their most important features.


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