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Now perfectly placed in the world of motorcycling, women also want to wear a motorcycle suit that meets their needs. For this Superbike offers women's suits available in different types, from motorbike suits divisible to whole. Very beautiful and super-fitting are the leather suits, which give a gritty and captivating touch to the silhouette and shape re-evaluating the shapes, without sacrificing comfort and safety. In fact, the women's suits allow you to ride the bike in total tranquility and are perfect to use in all seasons of the year. In addition, all suits are approved and can be used not only on the track but also on the road and on the track, and to complete the look just add the motorcycle jacket with the hump for the protection of the column.

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A good leather motorcycle trouser is safer

After an accident, a driver will often find himself unable to drive for weeks or months because he is recovering from a bad case of road erosion. What makes the difference between a rider on the sofa with his legs wrapped up in lint and another one in his garage putting on new fairings? A good set of motorcycle pants is essential for sure. Made of modern fabrics or durable leather and reinforced with strong armor and seams, motorcycle pants are designed to keep the skin safe during an accident. Being built specifically for driving, many of them include features like weatherproof construction, ventilation and pockets, or reflective sections for visibility. Motorcycle pants are available in all styles, from casual to hardcore, so you can always find something the suits you best. What mainly differs motorcycle trousers from other types of trousers is the protection they give you from the risks of riding a motorcycle. Any motorcyclist should have suitable trousers with some sort of abrasion resistant material in areas that typically come into contact with the ground such as buttocks, hips and knees, and most trousers will also have a sort of padding or armor. Generally, motorcycle trousers are made of stronger materials than casual clothing, such as durable fabrics and leather and, in particular, they should have a more robust construction to avoid seams from bursting. Trousers built for specific purposes, such as dual-riding or touring, are often made of resistant materials, such as lining or zippered air vents.


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