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Different models of motorcycle locks are available from Superbike. These are real anti-theft devices for motorcycles, efficient and safe, such as disc lockers that really work and discourage thieves from attempted theft. In fact, our padlocks for motorcycles are rather sturdy and resistant and once hooked to the vehicle surely no attacker will want to try. On our shop you will find different types of motorcycle locks, to be adapted to each motorcycle. You can choose between rigid or soft and versatile models, depending on the preferences and the shape of the bike. Look at the catalog the wide range of models and choose the one that best suits your needs: our products guarantee safety and protection and allow you to protect your bike from any risk of break-ins or theft.

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Padlocks and chains for motorcycles

Unfortunately, motorcycles are considered an easy target for thieves. They can be sold by the thief as a whole or they’re dismembered and every piece is sold separately. There’s no way to guarantee that your motorcycle will never be stolen. However, there are many things you can do to make motorcycle thieves’ life harder. Motorcycle padlocks are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some are better suited to secure the motorcycle at home, while others are better for when you're out on a trip. The choice of the most suitable motorcycle lock depends as always on your personal needs. Whether a moped, a scooter or a sports bike, Super-bike offers a wide range of safety solutions for your motorcycle: mechanical devices that combine mechanical and electronic safety. Motorcycle thieves are hampered by high quality materials and a technologically advanced locking system. Make sure to always keep safe your motorcycle from theft and from being unauthorized used.

What is the best type of padlock for a motorcyclist?

Brake discs padlocks are a practical solution for many motorbikes. They are very compact, light and easy to carry. These devices are installed in the holes of brake discs to prevent the wheel from turning. Many motorcyclist choose to accompany their disc locks with cables that run between the locking bolt and the handlebar. This prevents damage to the motorcycle when it’s started accidentally with the lock in place. Their small size and weight make them a great option that also guarantees an acceptable level of safety. Disc padlocks are available in many shapes and colors, and some of them include also powerful alarms of over 100 decibels. It’s also advisable to combine the lock with a chain to prevent the bike from being carried away by weight.

Lock-chain combination

Lock-chain combinations are an excellent choice when it comes to securing motorcycles and scooters. You can usually put them on the wheels or the frame to secure your motorcycle to a fixed object. A motorcycle secured this way can’t be simply taken away, which is a real advantage in terms of safety. You can also lock the brake disc and the chain together. This combination is a so-called two-in-one solution. This means that the brake disc lock can also be used without the chain and it’s the perfect companion for trips that include short breaks. Protecting your motorcycle from theft with a good lock is always extremely important. Obviously the same principle can be applied to helmets and other accessories for your motorcycle. For this reason, there are different safety solutions available for sale that allow to lock helmets and other accessories with your motorcycle, preventing them from being taken away by thieves always lurking around. On Super-bike you can find for sale cables with high flexibility and double security. The steel cable is covered by overlapping shells made of hardened steel, like a scaled armor. As a result, its resistance to attempts to open it has increased significantly, while its weight increases only slightly. Therefore, it’s easy to secure the vehicle to a fixed object with this type of cable.


U-locks are a classic when it comes to protecting motorcycles and for good reasons. This type of security system consists of a large U shaped steel structure to which the lock is anchored. Their main advantage is that they can be easily carried on motorcycles, some models also include a connection under the saddle and offer a good level of safety. It’s always useful when a U-locks closure has enough space to anchor the motorcycle wheel to a fixed element, such as a pole or fence. However, this is not essential as the shorter models can be used to lock the spokes of the wheels and thus offer a level of safety similar to a brake disc lock.

Chain Locks

Without a doubt, these locks are highly discouraging. Their main advantages lie in their strength and resistance to attack with cutters, saws, and other tools generally used by motorcycle thieves. Their characteristics make them ideal for protecting a motorcycle in a garage. On the other hand, due to their weight and their bulky nature, they are difficult to use when parking a motorcycle on the street. The most common chain lengths range from 1.2 meters to 2 meters. Those that offer the highest level of safety are hardened steel chains, which reach thickness between 10 and 14 mm. To offer greater security, most of these chains don’t have an integrated locking device and require a padlock. We recommend using a high security padlock for this purpose. This will ensure that the great protection provided by a sturdy chain is not canceled by a padlock with medium or low resistance to forced opening. Motorcycle chains are available in different models with special features, for example ball-joint chains include a series of articulated spherical joints usually in steel that protect an inner cable also made of the same material. Ball joint locks are known for combining strength and flexibility. They are chosen by many motorcyclists who have to keep their vehicle safe in the city. Their length usually varies between 1.2 and 2 meters. Some models include also powerful alarms that are activated whenever the block is manipulated without the key. Articulated chains, instead, consist of steel bars connected by steel bolts that help to fold and unfold the device. Their great advantage is the ease with which they can be carried around and the good level of security. They are also available in various sizes, allowing to only lock the wheel or fix the wheel to an external element.


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