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Among the various systems to be able to communicate when you are in motion, Sena communication brings many innovations applied to this world, offering a vast range of choices with very sophisticated and functional elements. Its catalog is particularly rich with particularly elegant and aerodynamic designs, which are particularly pleasing to the eye. Among the most modern technologies applied, we can note that of Bluetooth, which very often has two types of communication modules, considerably increasing its professionalism but above all the reliability of the communications that it is able to provide. With the communication systems provided, you can make hands-free calls with all your mobile phones that support the Bluetooth mode. But not only is it suitable for this type of system, it also allows you to listen to good stereo music or even the instructions we receive from the GPS, to be able to navigate to reach your destination. Furthermore, thanks to the particularly advanced wireless mode, it will be possible to have communications with other riders thanks to full duplex, which will allow the group of motorcyclists to always be widely connected, during the entire duration of the trip, just as if they were particularly close.

In fact, the products of this brand present and offer a wide range of connections. Each single product can be connected to several others, even simultaneously. At the same time you can be connected to another motorcyclist, to a telephone or even to an MP3 player. Many products contain dual streaming which allows both the driver and the passenger to listen to the same type of music and to be able to do so with any type of intercom on the market. The software interfaces with all major operating systems, there will be no difficulty in connecting to any phone, whether it be iPhone or Android, in fact we are talking about a universal product. The type of bluetooth that is implemented is particularly high and aimed at interacting with other devices, managing to connect up to 8 different ones. The noise control is particularly advanced, so you will not have the annoyance of background noise but you will be able to hear your own music or the voice of other users, in a particularly clear and clear way, so as to have professional and always perfect conversations . Obviously these also have voice commands, so with your own voice you can go and process orders, which will be completely executed, such as pronouncing a destination, or a person to call via your mobile phone. The kit is very simply fixed to your helmet and can be done in just a few minutes thanks to particularly sophisticated instrumentation, which makes any operation simple. All the products offered offer the possibility of updates that include more and more new features that can be implemented in the tool, which becomes more and more indispensable for the motorcyclist. If you want to have the highest quality in listening to your music or in making calls to other users, the products supplied by this brand are certainly right for us, since they offer high professionalism but above all absolute quality, performance cooker high levels that can be applied to any type of sport and to any helmet we are going to use. Therefore, if we want excellent connections and high quality communication, with this product we will be able to obtain the result and we will be fully satisfied. The products are easily available online on the various Stores or even on the brand's main website, which offers a wide range of choices based on your needs, with different good levels of performance, so you can choose the most suitable for your characteristics and our types of use. Even the designs are different and we could choose the one we like the most, which perhaps adapts more to our type of helmet, adapting completely to it, so that it cannot be a nuisance but be an element that fits perfectly within the instrument, without causing any kind of annoyance. The best sellers are: 30k, 20s evo. 50R and smh-5


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