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Icon il casco di cui non si può fare a meno


The Icon helmet, that incredible object capable of saving lives, indispensable for sheltering from the wind, the rain, the crazy splinters that could arrive directly on the face while running on a motorcycle, in short, the helmet is that indispensable component for motorcycle clothing . For a long time the helmet has finally been considered mandatory, without it, it will not be possible to ride a horse on two wheels. The first official debate on the need to wear a helmet during sporting events dates back to 1903, following a terrible accident involving a cyclist.

The Icon company and its helmets
The Icon was born in 2002, in the United States of America in Portland, with the specific intention of revolutionizing the concept of safety, practicality and design of the helmet and of all the protections for motorcyclists, including clothing. Icon helmets, conceived, designed and manufactured according to the most modern technologies and attentive to the daily needs of centaurs, can easily be defined as the "everything and more" for super-bike enthusiasts, with rather strict safety standards. Highly aerodynamic lines of the Icon helmets, studied according to the concepts of the company philosophy which aims at design perfection, supported by advanced technology in terms of safety and impact resistance. Almost all models are equipped with 9 air intakes combined with 7 exhaust ports. The particular EPS-based internal lining favors ventilation in the upper part. The design of the helmets is conceived and consequently designed, according to the common logic of adaptation of the helmet to the head, therefore a typically oval shape, with the line that gradually and anatomically rises from the chin to the back of the neck. All helmets are compliant and have passed inspections to meet the following standards: DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22-05 (Europe) and psc (Japan). The insides of the helmets are lined with a special anti-humidity fabric. The peculiarity of the Icon helmets is also recognizable by the shapes and decorations with which they are characterized. Icon helmets are very recognizable thanks to the incredible lines, aggressive and sharp at the same time but, what makes them unique, what catches the eye are indisputably the designs with which each helmet is finished. Tribals of all kinds, demons, skulls and fantastic creatures with or without wings, all incredibly harmonized in the limited space available, with colors and shades that are literally impossible not to notice. All designs are rigidly applied by hand, with care and professionalism. Virtually all the models of helmets produced by Icon are available on the e-commerce platform. Many helmets on sale, of all shapes, with all possible decorations but above all of all sizes, so as to satisfy the widest demand relating to this particular and indispensable object.


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