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Sena, comunicare in movimento


The Sena company defines itself, obsessed with perfection but passionate about adventure. This description fully meets the characteristics that make it today one of the most important companies that produces, with the most advanced technology, cameras, headphones, helmets and Bluetooth devices, all of which can obviously be used on motorbikes. Bluetooth devices for use on motorcycles or action sports: everything was further perfected in 2010, when the CEO of Sena, a passionate motorcyclist, realized that there were actually no products on the market capable of making communication between two centaurs on horseback of the same bike, safe and perfect. From this reaction, as incredible as it was spot-on, the first systems with intercoms and headsets for motorcyclists were born in Sena.

All Sena communication systems are simple to use, to install and are particularly intuitive. But the gem that really distinguishes them is the fantastic and ingenious JogDial knob button, this marvel of technology, made in the Sena house, allows you to use the communication mechanisms even when wearing gloves, so without having to think about having to stop to take them off, in order to answer the telephone or the intercom or carry out other manoeuvres, which would be quite dangerous. The peculiarity that characterizes the Sena helmets, however, is to be found in the increasingly precise and increasingly performing Bluetooth avant-garde, combined with an even more advanced technology that allows noise control, which is essential for those who have to talk on the phone or on the intercom, having the roar of a motorcycle in the background. Going forward in the analysis of Sena technologies, a particular note should be dedicated to cameras and video cameras. True jewels of perfection and precision, these machines have advanced recording functions by activating audio and video. Sena also produces special smartphone holders, equipped with an incredible charging capacity of 10,000 mAh. This product can be easily placed on any type of handlebar of any motorcycle. La Sena has a young team devoted to the passion for motorcycles, which makes them bold even in the most difficult choices, especially when it comes to conceiving and designing a new product at the forefront of the market. There's no centaur today who doesn't have a Bluetooth system, preferably Sena, to talk to the passenger he's carrying, answer the phone or make a video of the panorama he's enjoying during a ride on his steel horse. Incredible is also the way of testing the new products in the Sena house, it is in fact the same designers who, through very serious tests and often very severe evaluations towards their creatures, test them repeatedly and establish if a particular object can enter the market with the prestigious Sena brand. Considering that they are the first users, the Sena staff members, the objects that do not pass the first strict controls are subjected to modifications and improvements and then tested again; all this happens repeatedly until, after the umpteenth test, the small machine is judged absolutely perfect to satisfy both the young people of the Sena house, but above all the customers who will buy them. Their way of working makes it clear how much this passion for motorcycles is in their DNA and how much the same passion is vigorously transmitted in every single creation of this company. They are therefore the first critics of themselves and of their work, this can only be an important point in favor of the productive reputation of the Sena. Nothing more guaranteed could be said but, in addition to this type of checks and controls, Sena supports all products with all the certifications and guarantees that the normal market requires so that a product can be considered safe. This is therefore an invitation, which is addressed to motorcycle enthusiasts, both for leisure and for competition purposes, to explore the pages dedicated to Sena products, where they will surely find an object that will suddenly intrigue them. Purchases are obviously guaranteed through payments with the paypal platform. One last piece of information, on the official Sena website, a technical assistance service is active which allows all centaurs to resolve doubts and perplexities regarding the products in their possession.


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