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Icon : abbigliamento e caschi


For motorcycle lovers and motorcyclists, Icon clothing and helmets offers a wide range of products capable of satisfying the most sophisticated needs, always guaranteeing maximum safety. This company has received several awards in relation to the design offered and the quality of the products. In fact, both in terms of helmets and clothing, it was decided to go beyond the normal boundaries, trying to bring innovative elements and particularly high functionality. In this a new branch of connectivity is applied, aimed at guaranteeing maximum aerodynamics and performance, providing thermal elements that can be used in any part of the year, so that the motorcyclist can be as comfortable as possible, in addition to being able to enjoy maximum safety and innovations.

Among the wide range of products, we also find those suitable for very low temperatures which will therefore be able to accompany the motorcyclist, even on the coldest days of the year, without him having to give up his ride or trip. Among the innovations regarding helmets we can find the modular one with double approval, which can be used both for tourism but also for other modalities. Many of these can be used both in open or closed mode as they are guaranteed with double approval. The materials with which helmets are made include thermoplastic elements and completely new and functional release systems. Even the ventilation system allows you to have air intakes that can guarantee adequate breathing for the motorcyclist, even when the environment is particularly unfavourable, without suffering too much from the action of heat and lack of air. The visor can be fully adjusted in several positions with a lens that prevents fogging, so it can always be clear and clear, providing maximum visibility. All materials used are anti-allergenic and can also be removed and washed. The products presented by Icon, whether related to clothing or helmets, offer different possibilities and alternatives in the world of motorcycling. The products are of the highest quality also providing a wide range of choice, in what may be styles and colors that also bring more classic elements, suitable for a person who is not too extravagant. If desired, however, it also offers innovative, particularly modern elements that apply different shades of colors and different designs so as to be able to satisfy practically everyone. The strength of this company is certainly the safety which is the fundamental bulwark that is applied to any product, whether it be for the body or for the head. This will offer maximum performance in any circumstance, so as to be fully protected and at the same time, have products capable of delivering maximum performance, with particular care and attention towards the customer, who must be able to carry out his own driving, having maximum comfort, so that these can represent the best. The Icon products presented are very versatile and therefore can be used for different occasions or disciplines, so that with a single tool, multiple sports can be practiced, receiving a significant economic advantage. Icon can therefore be our next choice in terms of this type of clothing or equipment, which will certainly be able to meet our needs, as it is already doing towards thousands of people, who are fully enjoying the its features. This will help us to have in our hands a product with which we could be completely satisfied, highly professional, which differs far from what may be the cheapest and least suitable products, if you want to obtain maximum performance and safety total, which guarantees our safety, from what can be minor but also serious injuries, which are reduced to a minimum through these products.

The best-selling models are: Icon Airflite, Icon Airframe and Airform.


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