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The motorcycle pants are a fundamental piece of clothing to face any path in safety and protect from intense cold and excessive heat. On Superbike you will find a wide selection of trousers designed specifically to offer maximum comfort. Discover on our shop the many models for women, men and children, available men's leather trousers and high-quality fabrics, resistant and scratch-resistant, ideal for protecting against impacts and insulations. Present on the catalog in different brands, they are also available in different colors, to give you the opportunity to choose the one you prefer and create original outfits. Even the eye wants its part, and our trousers follow fashion trends and help to create exclusive looks for motorcyclists who like to embark on new adventures and for professionals who do not want to go unnoticed during competitions.

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RST Maverick Evo kaki pants RST Maverick Evo kaki pants RST Maverick Evo kaki pants
Limited special offer
CHF224.10 (VAT incl.) CHF249.00
Size : S XL XXL 3XL 4XL
Our Maverick Evo jean is the perfect companion for the RST Maverick Evo Jacket, versatile enough to take on any weather condition with a SinAqua waterproof membrane and reflex reflective print to enhance visibility...
Icon PDX3 waterproof pants green Icon PDX3 waterproof pants green Icon PDX3 waterproof pants green
Limited special offer
CHF135.00 (VAT incl.) CHF150.00
Size : S M L XL XXL 3XL
Built to keep you dry from the waist down, the PDX3™ overpant is ready for street action. It is constructed from a fully-taped Hycor waterproof/breathable material and reinforced with 300d poly in critical zones.

Motorcycle pants

What makes motorcycle trousers mainly different from other types of trousers is the protection they give you from the risks of riding a motorcycle; mainly slipping on the pavement, since the fall on the road is the most common injury. Any motorcyclist should have some sort of abrasion resistant material into areas that typically come into contact with the ground like buttocks, hips and knees, and most trousers will also have some sort of padding or armor. Motorcycle trousers in general are built with more robust materials than casual clothing such as durable fabrics and leather and, in particular, they should have a more robust construction to avoid the seam breach during a fall. Trousers built for specific purposes, such as dual-riding or touring, are often made of resistant materials, such as the Gore-Tex lining or zippered air vents, as well as being impact-resistant. Since fall protection is such an important feature of motorcycle pants, it's worth taking a look at how the different materials actually hold up when they hit the ground. Over the years, numerous tests have been carried out to determine it. The results of these tests can give an idea of how motorcycle pants resistance depends on the material they are made of. Overall, the clear winner in the motorcycle pants category is definitely the leather. The abrasion resistance can’t be measured only by the material; the seams joining these panels must be at least as strong as the material itself, or they may come off during a fall.

Motorcycle trousers: fabric vs leather

When choosing motorcycle trousers you will therefore have to decide whether to opt for fabric or leather. Both materials are excellent choices for durable motorcycle trousers that can withstand an accident, but they have very different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The ones right for you will depend on the kind of driving you do and what features are most important to you. Fabrics are cheaper than leather, but good quality leather can usually survive more than one fall. It’s generally accepted that fabrics need to be replaced after an accident. Fabric can be washed normally, while leather requires special care such as treatment with a leather conditioner and it must be taken to the dry cleaner when they are really dirty. Comfort is subjective, so you should try both and see which one of them suits you best. Leather fits very well, but it’s heavy and it’s not really breathable; fabrics can be light and breathable or stiff and heavy depending on the materials. Regarding the adaptability to weather conditions, fabrics are the clear winner. They have nozzles for when it's hot, linings for when it's cold and water-resistant materials or coatings to keep you dry in the rain or snow. On the other hand, leather has a great advantage in terms of protection. It’s much more resistant to abrasion than fabric and it won’t melt by friction, it can usually survive more abrasions and it can often be repaired.

Motorcycle jeans

Another possible choice is certainly jeans trousers: denim motorcycle trousers are in fact an excellent choice for motorcyclists who want to reinforce the protection of a pair of jeans, maintaining the same style and comfort. Most motorcycle jeans have removable armor on the knees and reinforcements in the impact zones for added protection. If you want to maintain the same style of everyday jeans, but with an increase in protection, then denim motorcycle trousers are the right choice for you.

Motorcycle pants that fit perfectly

The most important feature of motorcycle trousers is that they fit properly. The best motorcycle pants can't help you if they don’t stay still during an accident or fall. The key information you need to know when buying motorcycle pants, especially online, is the waist measurements. Avoid the temptation to use the size of the normal jeans you wear and take a measuring tape. For the waist, take the measurement of the circumference just below the navel, and for your inseam, take the measure from the heel to the highest point of your inseam. The size may change depending on the manufacturer and style, so always use the sizing table of the manufacturer before placing an order. Motorcycle gears should generally fit perfectly. A dangerous accident can happen anywhere, even during a quick ride through the city, so the most wrong thing to say is that short or slow runs don’t require as much protection as serious rides. But many of us go to work or school, where walking is not practical, so a compromise must be found. A good compromise in this case may be reinforced trousers or jeans for motorcycles, this type of pants won’t explode when they are in contact with the tarmac, but they won’t even protect you as much as leather or fabric trousers with an integrated armor. They simply give some protection against basic injuries, mainly skin excoriations while remaining comfortable and elegant to wear all day.


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