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Arai helmet

The Japanese company Arai Helmet was founded in 1937 and it initially produced protective helmets for workers. Only in 1952 it began to create specific helmets for motorcyclists, sportsmen and other customers. The strength of Arai company is safety, its helmets are in fact subjected to stringent tests that put them to the test resistance and impact ability. The European homologation standard ECE 22-05 is the basis for the tests but Arai demands much more from its helmets. Arai helmets are created to adapt to the morphology of the wearer's head, which is why they are available in different sizes because the cornerstone of this Japanese company is the protection of the human brain. To best protect a person, Arai has developed helmets composed of two shells: a very rigid outer shell made of fiberglass and resistant to penetration of objects during a collision, and an internal one, made of soft polystyrene. Everything has them aim of dispersing the kinetic energy deriving from the collision of the helmet against an external element.


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